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Hey All!

I want to give a massive shout out to the dear friend who helped me download
Github, learn how to embed a gif, and get through almost 9 years of my life.
I reached out to Viktor because I wanted this site to be all owned and made
by me and Fruitleather. We both agreed on avoiding the rigmarole of Wix and
it was a wonderful full-circle moment to finally give into html YEARS after
we had first met in the second floor computer lab and I vehemently opposed
all that tech stuff due to my brother being some sort of savant and my school
being packed with similar types and my stubborness inhereted from both sides
of the family.

Viktor has always been a consistently brilliant friend. Encouraging confidence
and self-sufficency in STEM and in the choices I make, the feelings I feel,
and dreams I have. He wrote something I'd like to share here on the blog to
to spotlight a great friend with a very important perspective he has begun the
journey of sharing. It touches on homelessness, shame, and a very realistic
assesment of American economic grind and lack of social mobility. I'm so very
appreciative of the guts it takes to write this way. Thanks Viktor. :)

- Dani

Read Viktor's article and check out the site he DESIGNED HIMSELF here!